Results-based diet program design software for fitness professionals!

The Old Way

When it comes to designing diets for clients, most methods are time consuming and ineffective!  

The iNutrition Pro Way!

Quick, Easy, Fully Customized, Professional Meal plans... Created in Minutes! 

iNutrition Pro helps you create calorie specific, structured diets with over three thousand nutrition templates in as little as 2 minutes!

All you need is your client’s weight and goal and, 2 minutes later, you’ll have a branded macro and micronutrient specific meal plan that will help maximize your client’s results and take your business professionalism to the next level! 

World Class Features

Built by personal trainers for personal trainers iNutrition Pro has a ton of features designed to help your fitness business, including: 

Industry First Dietary Insurance Coverage for PTs

Yes, you read that right.

For years personal trainers have been told providing dietary advice is outside their legal scope of practice, that ends now. Today’s PTs require greater skills when it comes to maximising results and being more competitive in business.

We now have the solution.

iNutrition Pro was designed by personal trainers for personal trainers and is engineered to help you get better client results & help you earn a greater income.

Are you a personal trainer, strength coach, or fitness professional who… 

iNutrition Pro is customized meal planning that creates much needed structure for your clients so that they stick to the plan. Without a structured plan, your clients will most likely fail and end up dropping you as a coach 

 Let us keep that from happening… with customized structured meal plans that create better client retention and results. This will lead to happier clients who are willing to pay you more and stay with you longer (oh…and did we mention more referrals?). 

So what’s in it for you, the coach?

  • Client pre-screening is vitally important for a coach because it enables you to risk stratify each of your clients and collect as much useful information as possible to assist in designing individualized training and nutrition plans.
  • Until now coaches have had to rely on getting their clients to fill out hard copy pre-screening forms and either storing them in a filing cabinet or scanning them and storing them in an online folder.
  • With iNutrition Pro the coach can instantly send out an online pre-screening form when they create a new client account. When the client fills out the form all their data will be saved in one secure location which can be edited at any time. 
  • Some coaches calculate their client’s daily energy and macronutrient requirements using a calculator or Excel spreadsheet, and then send them off to My Fitness Pal and let them select their own foods.
  • Although this reduces the workload for the coach substantially, it is essentially a ‘cop out’. Most clients, especially in the beginning, need more structure with their meal plan. This is because the more decisions a client is left to make on their own, the quicker they encounter decision fatigue, and the quicker they start making poor choices.
  • With iNutrition Pro, once the coach sets a client’s daily macro targets, they can select from a list of predesigned menus and food recipes or input their own foods for each meal, and the software will automatically calculate their food portions.
  • Finally, you and your clients have the ability to add foods to our database and barcode scan to track your calorie intake and macro breakdown accordingly.  
  • There are many calculations involved in designing a meal plan, such as calculating basal metabolic rate, daily activity level, target energy intake, and macronutrient ratios.
  • As a result, most coaches that design customized and specific meal plans for their clients have moved away from doing these calculations on paper to using excel spreadsheets.
  • The problem with Excel sheets is that theyre messy and once all the macros have been calculated, they still need to be converted to food portions. This means the coach also has to spend time using a calorie counter app or chart. 
  • Apart from body fat tracking, a good coach should also be monitoring their clients consistency and biofeedback markers on a regular basis. This is especially true for online coaching, where there’s no face-to-face contact.
  • Regular client tracking and monitoring gives the coach useful feedback about the effectiveness of their plan and how consistently a client is following it. They can then use that information to make adjustments to the plan as needed.
  • For the most part, coaches that regularly monitor their clients either use Excel spreadsheets, email follow ups, or check in with their client’s in person. The iNutrition Pro software contains a weekly client tracker that can be set up to send clients automated reminders to check in. All client data is then stored in a secure online location that the coach can access at any time. 

Key Features

iNutrition Pro is an all-in-one meal plan builder, allowing personal trainers to build fully customized meal plans, assuring better client results. Some of the key features of the software include…

Given the consumer-driven nature of certain industries, we believe that being proactive with ongoing education and certification as well as offering affordable and comprehensive additional cover, will help exercise and sport professionals protect their businesses.

iNutrition Pro has been designed, so that when you pair it up with the Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1, you will receive the required learning requirements in combination with our over 3000 diet and meal plan templates, to be legally covered to provide dietary and nutritional programming device as a personal trainer, strength coach or nutritionist.

*For more information on our dietary insurance page click here.

Take the confusion out of meal planning for your clients. Gone are the days of giving your clients generalized meal plans and hoping they select the right food, containing the right macros, at the right times.  

iNutrition Pro allows you to set calories, foods, macros, food portions, and meal timing for your clients, or you can give them the freedom to apply an IIFYM approach. It allows complete specificity and complete customization depending on how you coach your client! 

With the average diet being highly nutrient deficient, iNutrition Pro allows you and your client to track both macro and micro-nutrient intakes through the Daily Nutrient Tracker.  

Every food, supplement, and beverage in the software contains the full spectrum of macro and micro-nutrient values. This means you and your client are always able to select the foods and supplements that will ensure your clients meet both their daily macro and micronutrient requirements. 

iNutrition Pro lets you select from over 480,000 foods, beverages, and branded supplements across various national food databases around the world. Whether you are a vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, or straight carnivore, we have food options for all dietary requirements! 

When you select different foods, the portion sizes will automatically be adjusted to fit the macros for that meal. If a particular food doesn’t fit the within the macros for a given meal, the software will notify you. 

This eliminates any guess work and allows you to deliver precise and clear dietary advice for your clients. 

Some meal planning software products allow the coach to select from several pre-designed meal plan templates.  

Usually those templates contain fixed calories, macros, meal times, and food options, and the coach has to manually calculate the clients calories and macronutrient ratios and then search for the template that most closely matches what theyre after.  

With iNutrition Pro, you have the ability to create nutrition templates and food menus for your clients from scratch, along with using the over 3000 pre-designed diet and meal plan templates. 

iNutrition Pro provides a massive variety in food selection, whilst giving clients the ability to select their own foods. And these foods will automatically have their portion sizes adjusted to fit your clients macro requirements. 

Nutrition Pro contains a comprehensive client pre-screening questionnaire, along with the below compliance tools thatll aid in your clients actually following their plan! 

  • Food log analyser
  • Metabolic typing questionnaire
  • Body fat and skinfold tracker
  • Girth measurement tracker
  • Comparison photo tracking
  • Weekly client biofeedback tracker
  • Future integration into Apple Health App, resting HR, HRV etc.

All this so that you can kick-start your clients off right and keep your them on track! 


With iNutrition Pro, the coach can instantly send out any online coaching form when they create a new client account. When the client fills out the form, all the client’s data will be saved in one secure location, which can be edited at any time. 

iNutrition Pro users always have instant access to our support team. Through live chat and the iNutrition Pro private group of hundreds of other fitness professionals, we’re here to walk with you every step of the journey.  

You’ll never feel alone when using iNutrition Pro! 


Software FAQ

Less than 30 minutes! iNutrition Pro is extremely intuitive and easy to use. We have straightforward video tutorials that walk you through the entire process.  

Getting set up takes minutes. Creating a meal plan is as simple as a couple of clicks. 

iNutrition Pro offers billing on a month-to-month basis. There are no contracts whatsoever, so you’re not locked into anything long term.  

You can cancel at any time. Of course, if you want to maximize your savings, we also offer annual plans 

We sure do! iNutrition Pro offers a 14-day free trial. Just click here to start your free trial.

Absolutely not! You can create ANY diet plan you can think of within minutes. Everything is fully customizable. 

Yes, you can add you own foods, supplements, and meal recipes to iNutrition Pro! 


Yes, you can add your own logo to iNutrition Pro, as well as customize the colour theme to match your own fitness business brand. 



Every fitness pro hopes to accomplish the same thing: help more people with what we’re all passionate about…and earn more money doing it. Of course, the only way to accomplish this is for our clients to have a structured plan that gets results.  

Which is why iNutrition Pro is the industry’s most comprehensive and customizable diet plan software.  

It’s designed to provide more individualization and more structure, which leads to increased client adherence and better results – not to mention more referrals for your coaching business. 

Pricing Plan


  • Personal Use
  • USD $15  / $7 
  • Cancel Anytime
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Elite Coach

  • 1-50 Clients
  • USD$65 / $37
  • Cancel Anytime
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  • Got more than 50 clients?
  • Bespoke and corporate options are available upon request.
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