Our Software

iNutrition Pro is the world’s leading nutrition and diet software available for health and fitness professionals. With unparalleled detail, user customization, and overall usability, our software was created with two main goals: 

  1.  To help personal trainers, strength coaches, and nutritionists create resultsdriven, professional diet and nutrition plans to clientele from all walks of life 
  2.  To give the entire health and fitness community access to a platform that allows them to create structured meal plans in a specific and resultsoriented manner 

 Our company prides itself on being at the forefront of nutrition and dietary advice for fitness professionals. We do this through constantly evolving our product user experience and functions, as well as ensuring the latest science and research is applied to the systems and advice given in our software. 

Our Story

Co-founded by fitness industry legend Daine McDonald, and expert global fitness educator Stefan Ianev, our software was originally created for the personal trainers operating out of the Clean Health Fitness Institute gym’s, which serviced over 250,000 personal training sessions between 2008-2018.   It was one of the primary coaching tools that allowed those personal trainers to build up a world-leading reputation for excellence and results. It simplified the coaching methods and cut back the administrative time it usually takes for coaches to create diets.  

Check out the results our coaches achieve using iNutrition Pro!

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