Dietary Insurance Cover

Yes, You read that right!

Thanks to iNutrition Pro, you can now get completely insured to provide diet and nutritional programs, without needing to go through the long and painful channels that are usually required.

Due to the exclusive partnership between CHFI & iNutrition Pro, you will be eligible for insurance coverage when you complete the CHFI Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 (PNC1) course.  

You can now become completely insured to provide diet and nutritional programs when using the iNutrition Pro software, along with getting full coverage for personal training once you complete PNC1.  

Historically, nutrition is an area that has only typically been managed by medical nutrition and dietetics specialists but for today’s personal trainers it is commonly applied regardless of whether they are certified to advice their clients on specific nutrition or dietary protocols due to market demand from clients. 

Most individuals who utilize personal trainers are actually receiving complex and targeted nutrition plans by personal trainers who only go on to achieve a basic personal training qualification and are only qualified to provide general dietary advice in accordance with the national guidelines.  

This emphasizes the dilemma facing newly qualified personal trainers:
  1. 1. The clients desire for tailored nutritional support to help maximise their results
  2. 2. A client expecting and demanding a general fitness trainer to provide tailored nutritional advice
  3. 3. A general fitness trainer’s lack of education in this area
  4. 4. The need for a risk mitigated evidenced-based system to define the parameters of nutrition advice and support that can be guided by a fitness trainer verses a specialist dietitian/nutritionist

This is why we have developed this revolutionary new industry first framework, to give you the freedom to not only do your initial personal training qualification through us, but to come out of it able to get insured for both personal training and diet program design services.

This framework that we have pioneered means you will no longer need to rely on traditional route to ongoing personal trainer insurance through Fitness Australia (FA) that requires the following:

  1. Mandated CEC courses that only FA approves. Moreover, many of the course offerings to date are outdated and not in line with the drastically evolving nature of the fitness industry and moreover, personal trainer requirements


  1. Once you have completed your CEC courses, you qualify for insurance through a pre-approved FA insurance provider, with limited flexibility on premiums and scope of insurance coverage

As a new personal trainer coming into the industry, it’s vital that you’re up to date with the latest information and trends to ensure you have the most successful and rewarding career.

This is why we have developed this revolutionary new industry first framework, to give you the freedom to not only do your initial personal training qualification through us, but to come out of it able to get insured for both personal training and diet program design services.

We wanted to want to make your transition into the industry as seamless as possible, we are trainers ourselves so we appreciate all the different directions you can be pulled in when you start out.

Having a one stop shop lessens time wasting and lets you get into what you are passionate about, changing people’s life’s through exercise and nutrition the same way you do with yourself!

To address this paradox and any resulting potential claims against the personal trainer, we now offer:

  1. 1. Training and education on nutrition and diet design through our Performance Nutrition Coach Certification (CHPNC)
  2. 2. Practical tools for client tracking & assessment that are based on coaching over 250,000 personal training sessions through the CHFI gym ecosystem
  3. 3. A nutritional dietary planner that delivers targeted calorie and macro-specific diet plans
  4. 4. Ongoing support and guidance for fitness professionals and their clients
  5. 5. Dietary insurance coverage for coaching general population clients

The Policy

Through our partnership with risk management specialists NSURE Insurance Advisors and Australian Insurance Provider ProRisk, we are able to offer qualifying personal trainers and exercise specialists, professional indemnity insurance for the prescription of individualized dietary plans for healthy populations.

Insurance prerequisites

It’s as simple as:

In summary

  1. 1. You will need Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40215) or equivalent Personal Training Qualification
  2. 2. You will need to have passed with a minimum pass grade of 80% the Clean Health Fitness Institute Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 (CHPNC1) Certification
  3. 3. Pre-screening and risk stratification of clients through the iNutrition Pro software*
  4. 4. Prescription of safe dietary plans governed by the parameters of the iNutrition Pro software and it’s over 3000 dietary templates
  5. 5. Regular client monitoring through the iNutrition Pro software client tracker

Currently our insurance coverage is available in Australia only, however in 2021 this will be expanding to cover the UK, EU, USA & Canada.

Non-Australian residents can register their expression of interest here!

Further Benefits

Outside of being a unique selling point for you as a personal trainer or coach to potential clients, it also saves you the hassle of the traditional academic route when it comes to getting registered and insured to prescribe diets as a nutritionist or dietitian.

So, you can expect massive time and financial savings compared to other nutritional coaching insurance approaches.

By integrating your learnings from the Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1, along with the use of the software iNutrition Pro, we have created a unique system and structure that allows you to gain insurance for dietary programming, provided you use the software to do it.

Once you have passed the exams required through our certification showing you understand the science and practical application of nutritional programming you can gain insurance instantly!

So, the million-dollar question is just how much time and money would this save you compared to a traditional degree or diploma in dietetics or nutrition?

How To Apply

To apply for insurance coverage you will need to complete and pass the CHFI Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 Certification, be a qualified personal trainer and you must have an active subscription to the iNutrition Pro software.

Once you have done this you will be able to submit your insurance application directly through our insurance provider for their review and approval of coverage.

They offer several policies including diet alone or diet and training combined, at very affordable prices ranging between $300-$500 AUD per annum that provide full-comprehensive insurance for:

1. Personal training and nutrition combined

2. Nutrition only

Your Investment

iNutrition Pro 4 Week Trial

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  • Fully Cstomized

insurance quote

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  • Subscribed

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